About us

We Incubated GRCXperts whose only motive is to work with like-minded clients who needs Reliable Advice and Guided Support.
GRC is beginning to become the building block for most organizations that look to gain Visibility.
No organization can reap the best of GRC without reaping its true benefits.
At GRCXperts, our only job is to help you experience the extraordinary benefits the platform and context has to offer.
With the founding of GRCXperts, our clients can now be rest assured of our unflinching support and fantastic experience.

Our clients acknowledge us for:
  • The Gap we bridge between today’s thinking and tomorrow’s expectation of a GRC investment.
  • Maximizing & Optimizing our clients investment on Archer, including Time
  • We go above and beyond to provide our clients with the best GRC Implementations and support

Who We are

Experienced GRC professionals. PERIOD!
5 things that define our professionalism:
  • Honest: Its all about actual definition of achievement, in all candidness.
  • Commitment: Our promise & handshake will speak volumes over all the text in the agreement
  • Curious & Continuous improvement: Its all about intention to see beyond the line of sight when it comes to embracing our commitments to our clients
  • Customer Delight: We understand and acknowledge our responsibility towards your success
  • Ethical: We are transparent, straightforward and candid throughout our association with you

Our Promise

Right Expertise and Right time

v  We would like to believe, everyone is an Xpert in their own way.

v  Our belief stems from the support, embracement and feedback we receive.

v  We have in the past played critical roles in GRC implementation in the region with some very mature clients who know us for “how well we delivered”.

 Deliver High Standard & quality

v  We sincerely believe that our clients have a right to expect nothing less from us. Its part and parcel of how we conduct ourselves in our business relationship.

 The Clarity

v  We start small, we stay humble, but we finish with a big bang.

v  Our transparency starts right from our first discussion to who we are to what we do and to how well we can help you. Our clients have reposed faith in our transparent and candid approach and yes, they find this clarity pretty refreshing.


Message from Founder

With over a decade’s experience both globally and regionally, we are excited to announce the launch of a customer centric solution stabilization program.
It is our experience that most customers are yet to maximize/ utilize the “Existing” platform. With a sole focus to maximize your investment and demonstrate ROI and TCO to your board, We incubated GRCXperts, a fully focused process strategy and technology implementation Services firm.

The objective is to enable organisations to transform their tasks with rapid implementation and effective adoption of GRC solutions.

Our Differentiators

If you had invested in your GRC Technology, say couple of years ago, are you able to maximize/ demonstrate ROI/ TCO… Speak with us!!

v  ADOPTION: We see real value only when we use it. Our focus is not only implementing solution, we ensures adoption.

v  Exceptional Talent: We are Xperts in RSA Archer

v  Regional Experience: Our team has the experience of implementing Large scale GRC projects in GCC

v  Make you efficient: Trained many corporates

v  Our Network of value collaborators and value co-creators

Experience and Honesty!

v  We ask our client some tough questions, only to help them experience the merit of GRC

v  We ensure that our clients are well informed in all areas of what and how if GRC enablement, including: Decision Making, Conceptualizing, Mitigation Planning, Or are you restricting it to a simple workflow management software??