We cover them all

From Out-of-the-Box IRM Solution implementation to Custom Tailored services.

We have covered the length and breadth of Archer-IRM implementation Services, including:

Implementation Services

We have covered the length and breadth of Archer-IRM implementation Services, including:

  • Archer IRM Design and Configuration.
  • Archer IRM Setup & Customization.
  • Archer IRM Fully Managed Solution
  • Implementation. Archer IRM Custom Scripts.
  • Archer IRM GRC Solution Testing
  • GRC/IRM Technology Tool Optimization Advisory

Blended approach

Technical+Functional Expertise

True to the success of any GRC implementation, across ISMS, BCMS, IR, VM, Vendor risk, ESG what stands unstated is the requirement of a functional aspects that caters to the building of the primary Business Requirement Document -with an aim to get it right the first time.

GRCxperts bridge this gap with our functional ‘xperts who cater to the design work right at the beginning of the engagement.

Our expertise caters to entire

Archer IRM Solution portfolio:

  1. IT Security & Risk
  2. Management
  3. Business Resiliency
  4. 3rd Party Governance
  5. Audit management
  6. Enterprise and Operational
  7. Risk Management
  8. ESG.

Our Archer IRM implementations helps you answer

How do we ?

IT Security Risk Management

  • Communicating Risk across teams to the board ?
  • Bring disparate teams together, across the firm ?
  • Gain Visibility to stay top of new and changing environments ?

Business Resiliency

  • Ensure our BCP/ITDR plans work as needed, and avoid crisis scenarios?
  • Build resiliency into the business, especially into critical functions?
  • Coordinate better across multiple risk functions?

Third Party Governance

  • Evaluate criticality of 3rd Party vendors
  • Gain an overall picture of the risks they pose?
  • Are we on the right path to defend and leverage our ecosystem and ensure resiliency?

Audit Management

  • Enable audit team to easily align objectives with other stakeholders.
  • Assess audit entities, make audit plans for engagements, gain control & VISIBILITY of the entire audit lifecycle.
  • Better facilitate seamless engagements, documentation, enable quick reporting, consistently and quickly.

Enterprise & Operational Risk Management

  • Ensure my organization is managing compliance risk consistently with other risks?
  • Demonstrate that my function is fulfilling its obligations and demonstrate compliance with all rules, regulations and standards?
  • Identify sources of privacy risk and show stakeholders we are managing it commensurate with the level of risk?