In an ideal world, security controls would “set and forget,” and attackers would decide to make honest livings. Since that’s not likely, security teams must continuously adapt defenses to fit the prevalent threat landscape. 
To successfully identify threats and reduce risk, teams must ask themselves these questions…
Are security controls working as they are supposed to work and as you expect?
Rolled out new technology or changes, how have they affected the security posture?
Have security control configurations “drifted” over time or been incorrectly set?
Are controls able to defend against the newest threats and variants?
Breach Attack Simulation (BAS) platform that makes it simple to know and optimize your security posture any time, all the time. Fully automated and customizable, Attack simulation challenges your security controls against the full attack kill chain with thousands of simulated cyber-attacks, both common and novel. 
Overtaking manual, periodic penetration testing and red teaming, Breach Attack Simulation (BAS) is becoming the most effective method to prepare and predict for oncoming attacks. Security professionals realize that to cope with evolving attackers, a continuous and automated solution is essential to ensure optimal security non-stop.  
Breach Attack Simulation platform plays a critical role in empowering organizations to automatically assess and improve their overall security posture. Simulations of the latest threats in the wild test an organization’s security defences and controls, across the entire kill chain of attack vectors and APT attack configurations.
Simulations can be run on-demand or scheduled to run at regular intervals. Within minutes, the platform provides specific, actionable insights and data on where a company’s network is vulnerable, highlighting security gaps and mitigation procedures.