Enabling Environmental . Social . Governance

A major opportunity to elevate the strategic focus of the risk management function from “avoid trouble” (defensive posture) to “increase corporate value” (opportunity posture).

Defensive Posture to Opportunity Posture


Enterprise-wide assessment, mapping, monitoring, reporting, and quantification of the organization’s environmental, social, and governance programs


Uncertainties of the future with cutting across Social, Economic and Political aspects

Tools for you

To Build and Improve Business Resiliency:

Did you know?

88% of companies with robust ESG practices achieved better operational performance. In addition, the same study revealed that 80% of companies with prudent sustainability practices positively influenced their stock price.

-Oxford University

Features packed

  • Map your ESG data against industry standards, including SASB, GRI, and corporate frameworks.
  • Automate ESG & business objectives mapping with automated risk analysis.
  • Create, track, and execute project plans to hit targets and milestones.
  • Enable real-time alerts that monitor third-party risk, so you can address any issues before they become a problem.
  • Incorporate 3rd party and supply chain impacts to corporate ESG strategy.

Concepts of ESG

Determine what matters most, gather data to measure progress towards goals and prioritize potential risks and exposures through evaluation and quantification. Enabling 3 fundamental concepts of ESG

Enabling 3 fundamental concepts of ESG

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