RSA Archer Implementation & Support

RSA Archer Technology Tool Optimization Advisory

Our experience suggests that most client have embraced the solution, without knowing its true potential. This is typical of any embracement and result of little know-how of the solution space. Our Tool Optimization services details the “Current State of Implementation, Enhancements Required, Unexplored Features of the solution, Recommendations, Roadmap for futuristic state”

RSA Archer GRC Program Management

We provide expert consultants to oversee your already running GRC implementation, from both Functional and Technical aspects. This compliments the expertise being implemented by the vendor and serves as a unbiased and neutral confidence building measure. This includes: addressing Common Challenges, Challenge Impact, MAPPING proposed to Expected outcome to the Objectives of the Exercise via an Outcome Analysis.

RSA Archer Implementation Services

  • RSA Archer Design and Configuration
  • RSA Archer Setup & Customization
  • RSA Archer Fully Managed¬† Solution Implementation
  • RSA Archer Custom Scripts
  • RSA Archer GRC Solution Testing